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Having Special Someone to share the ride of your life journey would be more worthwhile, enjoyable, and fulfilling. As a busy professional single like you, no matter how success your career is … still something is missing. Having your time been tied up with work schedules or with the colleagues / friends who do not have the “Chemistry” for a love relationship to be possible …??
is here for you to meet the Special Someone live & in-person in our exciting & gorgeous events … meeting Him / Her in the right place at the right time … the fate of you both to have a loving & lasting relationship.

In Roman Mythology, Cupid, the God of Love and the son of Venus, is the beautiful winged blindfold boy who carrying a bow and a quiver full of arrows on his back. His blindfold symbols that Love just happens as it comes for Cupid does not aim a target to strike his arrow. People who are struck with the arrows fall in love instantly. According to some myth, Cupid has two types of arrows: in Gold and in Lead. The gold one represents a pure and virtuous love whereas the lead one represents just a passion and pleasure love.

May we wish you will be struck by the arrow with the golden head. ACT NOW, come and sign up the FUN, SAFE & COMFORTABLE events below:

21/March/2014 (Fri)
Hotel cocktail party M: - / F: -
Total Seats : 30
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By appointment
One to One Matching Service M: 00 / F: 00
Total Seats : 0
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31/Jan/2010 (Sun)
15:30-17:00 pm
「“全程”達意」大行動:將情深說話向心儀的她/他在情人節前大膽公開表白! M: n/a / F: n/a
Total Seats : 0
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Jul 2012
ACGHK2012-- XBox360 “內地女性外表佳溫柔順從 七成港女視為擇偶勁敵 “ M: - / F: -
Total Seats : 4
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13/apr/2014 (Sun)
6:00 - 9:00 pm
Speed Dating for mature professionals M: 12 / F: 12
Total Seats : 24
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白色情人節《親密損友》明星大配對 M: - / F: -
Total Seats : 50
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Perfect Matching Games Banquet M: full / F: full
Total Seats : 30
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30/03/2014 (sun)
Freeing HK Esacpe game speed dating M: - / F: -
Total Seats : 36
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19:30- 23:45
Table for 8 X Le Crazy Horse Paris, FOREVER CRAZY M: waitlist / F: waitlist
Total Seats : 8
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9/03/2014 (Sun)
Japanese - Chinese Cocktail Party (First ever in HK!) M: - / F: -
Total Seats : 40
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6:30 - 9:00 pm
" Grab a Date " Party M: 18 / F: 18
Total Seats : 40
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TGIF Let's call it The American Night M: 15 / F: 15
Total Seats : 30
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2 - 4 pm
Well Equipped for Date M: / F: 30
Total Seats : 30
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